A hacker is a tinkerer who doesn't conform with providing typical solutions to the problems he encounters. Do you have a problem? We are here to find your solution.

Our main areas of expertise are cybernetic and information security.

We protect you from hostiles online by building the infrastructure that your projects require. This is called blue team security.

We can act as hostiles to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. This is called red team security.

The use of both of these techniques ensures that you and your information are as secure as possible. Ask us how we can improve you specific situation


We can build anything you might need. All software we write respects your freedom!

  • Static and dynamic pages that can suit any if your needs
  • Web and mobile apps
  • Intranet design, deployment and maintenance
  • Cluster Computing
  • Fintech
  • Insurtech
  • Tailored software development. Ask us about your project


Darknet is more than onions

The Tor network has become synonymous with darknet, as well as with everything illegal that happens on the internet. The rabbit hole is much deeper than that. The protocol was born out of the need to provide anonymity and privacy to American special operatives abroad. Since then, it has broke out into the public and become the easiest way for people around the world to help protect their fundamental freedoms. We believe that the possibilities brought to us by the Onion Routing protocol and others go far beyond whatever activities are deemed illegal in certain countries. The darknet provides ways for us to build knowledge bases unrestrained by the fear of judgement and legal repercussion. That's why projects like Wikileaks exist. We encourage our clients to consider using hidden services for at least a part of their infrastructure and communications. Ask us how


We are running our own xmpp federated service free of charge for anyone to use. TLS is enabled on all ports. We highly recommend the use of OMEMO, you can check supported clients here.

Registrations are open through only.

server (clearnet):
 server (darknet): abysmalnsvmnch3y.onion
   port (default): 5222

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